Beermats codes is the official CELCE's catalog beermats. The codes with lowercase chars and starting with 'esp' or by the initials of a country is because they are new and have not yet appeared in the printed catalog of the club.

VERY IMPORTANT. Some Spanish beermats change only other Spanish beermats. Some are very old or very difficult to find, and I need to increase my main collection (spanish beermats). I hope you understand.

Remember, is impossible to update the page every day, maybe some beermats are not availables.

EG1001 EG1007
EG1009 EG1011
EG1013 EG1019
EG1021 EG1025
EGB001 EGB002
EGB003 EGV001
EGV002 AKD003
AKD004 AKD006 (89mm)
AKD009 (106mm) ADL001
ALH010 ALH014
ALH015 ALH016
ALH017 ALH019
ALH021 ALH026
ALH046 ALH052
ALH053 ALH056
ALH061 ALH062
ALH063 ALH064
ALH065 ALH078
ALH090 esp3199
AL1006 AL1007
AL1011 AL1017
AL1026 ABP001
ALR001 ASI001
AMB006 AMB024
AMB025 AMB026
AMB028 AMB029
AMB030 AMB031
AMB032 AMB046
AMB053 AMB054
AMB055 AMR013 (89mm)
AMR014 (94mm) AMR018
AMF001 AMF002
AMF005 ARA001
BOD004 BOD005 (93mm)
BOD006 (88mm) BOD012
BOD019 (105mm) CSM005 (93cm)
CSM006 (93cm) CSM007 (93cm)
CSM008 (93cm) CSM014 (100mm)
CSM015 (100mm) CSM016 (100mm)
CSM017 (100mm) CNE001
CRU037 CRU042 (100mm)
CRU047 CRU049
CRU052 CRU061
CRU063 CRU064
CRU069 CRU070
CRU072 CRU074
CRU077 CRU079
CRU080 CRU083
CRU084 CRU095
CRU097 CRU106
CRU112 CRU194
CGR001 CGR002
CGR003 CGR004
CGR007 CGR008
CGR009 SHA008
CRS001 DAM074
DCI001 DAL001
DAL002 DAL003
DMQ001 (93mm) DAB002
DAB003 DAB005
DEB001 DOR001
DOR002 DOR006
DOR008 DOR009
DOB001 DOB010
DOE002 DOE004
DOE007 DOE010
DOE011 DOE012
DOE013 DOE015
DOP004 DOP005
DOP007 DOP009
DOP010 DOP012
DOP015 DOP016
DOP017 DOP018
DOP019 DOP021
DOP022 DOP023
DOP024 DOP025
DOP027 DOS004
DOS005 AGU033
AGU045 AGU050
AGU157 CIE006
ESD010 ESD011
ESD015 ESD026
ESD027 ESD033 (93mm)
ESD037 ESD039
ESD040 ESD042
ESD044 ESD045
ESD046 ESD047
ESD052 ESD057
ESD061 ESD068 (89mm)
ESD069 ESD071
ESD073 ESD075
ESD082 ESD083
ESD085 ESD086
ESD087 ESD090
ESD095 ESD098
ESD099 ESD100
ESD101 ESD105
ESD108 ESD115
ESD116 ESD119
ESD120 ESD121
ESD122 ESD123
ESD124 ESD126
ESD128 (cartulina/cardboard) ESD135 (cartulina/cardboard)
ESD138 ESD139
ESD140 ESD141
ESD142 (93mm) ESD149
ESD152 ESD157 (100mm)
ESD158 ESD162
ESD166 ESD176
ESD184 (107mm Castellano) ESD188
ESD189 ESD190
ESD191 ESD192
ESD201 (100mm catalán) ESD202 (100mm catalán)
ESD203 (100mm catalán) ESD204 (107mm)
ESD205 ESD206 (107mm sin transgenicos)
ESD207 ESD216 (100mm,castellano, sin fecha)
ESD218 (catalan) ESD219 (100mm catalan)
ESD220 ESD221
ESD222 ESD231
ESD243 EDL001
ESG006 ESG010
ESG014 ESG015
ESG031 ESG033
ESG035 ESG036
ESG037 ESG038
ESG039 ESG040
ESG042 ESG047
ESG048 ESG054
ESG055 ESG056
ESG057 ESG058
ESG059 ESG060
ESG062 ESG065
ESG066 ESG071
ESG072 ESG076
ESG077 ESG079
ESG084 ESG085
ESG099 ESG101
ESG142 EG0010
EG0027 EGN001
ESL019 ESL025
ESL026 EXP002
EXP012 EXP017
EXP018 EXP019 (mango de la cruz relleno)
EXP020 HIR001
HIR003 KEL011
KEL014 KEL017
LAI006 LAI009
LAI010 LAI011
LAI013 LEG002
MAH020 MAH026
MAH052 MAH066
MAH070 MAH072
esp3237 MH5003
MH5014 (100mm) MH5015 (90mm)
MH5016 MH5017 (90mm)
MH5018 MH5021
MH5024 MH5025
MH5026 MH5029
MH5030 MH5036
MH5037 MH5040
MH5043 MH5044
MH5046 MH5048
MH5049 MH5050
MH5056 MH5059
MH5060 MH5062
MH5063 MH5067
MH5075 MH5110
MH5229 MHC006
MHC008 MHC009
MHC010 MHC016
MHC019 MHC020
MHC021 MHC024
MHC025 MHC026 (Letras más grandes)
MAM001 MAM002 (mate, imagen con aguas)
MAM005 MHM001
MHN002 MHN004
MHN005 MSI001
MSI003 MSI006
MSI008 MAR003
MAR006 (2 men working) MAR007
MAS009 MOR007
MOR008 MOR009
MOR010 MOR011 (cartulina/cardboard)
MOR012 (cartulina/cardboard) MOR013 (cartulina/cardboard)
MOR014 (cartulina/cardboard) MOR015 (Cartón)
MOR016 (Cartón) MOR017 (Cartón)
MOR018 (Cartón) MOR019
MOR020 MOR021
MOR022 MOR023
MOR024 MOR025
MOR026 MOR028
MOR030 MOR031
MOR033 MOR039 (90cm)
MOR040 (90cm) MOR041 (90cm)
MOR042 (90cm) MOR044
MOR045 MOR046
MOR047 MOR054
MOR059 MOR060
MOR061 MOR062
MOR063 MOR064
MOR073 MOR075
MOR078 MOR087
esp2775 MO7001
MO7002 MOE003
MOE004 MOE007
MOE008 MOE009
MOE011 MOE013
MOE014 MOE015
MOE016 MOE017
MOE018 MOE019
MOE020 MOE021
MOE022 MOE023
MOE024 MOE025
MOE026 MOE027
MOE028 MOE029
MOE030 MOE031
MOE032 MOE033
MOE034 MOE035
MOE036 MOE037
MOE038 MOE039
MOE040 MOE041
MOE042 MOE043
MOE044 MOE046
MOE047 MOE048
MOE049 MOE050
MOE051 MOE052
MOE053 MOE054
MOE055 MOE056
MOE057 MOE058
MOE059 MOE060
MOE061 MOE062
MOE063 MOE064
MOE065 MOE066
MOE067 MOE068
MOE069 MOE071
MOE072 MOS001
REI001 (107mm) REI003
REI006 REI007 (89mm)
REI008 (93mm) REI009
REI011 REI012 (93mm)
REI015 EGR001
EGR006 EGR007
SAM082 (89mm) SAM087
SAM088 SAM089
SAM090 SAM091
SAM110 SAM112
SAM114 SAM130
SAM138 SAM139
SAM142 SAM156
SAM157 SAM158
SAM159 SAM160
SAM162 SAM163
SAM164 SAM165
SAM171 SAM175
SAM176 SAM178
SAM179 SAM181
SAM182 SAM184
SAM186 SAM188
SAM192 SAM193
SAM197 SAM199
SAM200 SAM204 (93mm)
SAM206 SAM208
SAM210 SAM211 (90mm)
SAM219 SAM220
SAM221 SAM224
SAM225 SAM242
SAM244 SAM254
SAM288 SAM292
SAM294 SAM299
SAM301 SAM314
SAM316 (107mm) SAM318
SAM324 (90mm) SAM325
SAM326 SAM327
SAM374 SAM384
SAM388 SAM414
SAM415 SAM416
esp1115 SA0001
SA0002 SA0003
SA0004 SA0006
SA0007 SA0008
SA0009 SA1001
SA1002 SA1003
SA1005 SA1008
SA1010 SA1013
SA1017 SA1019
SML001 SAE004
SAI004 SMM001
SMM009 SMO001
SAN001 SAN002
SEL009 SEL010
SEL011 SEL012
SEL013 SEL015
SEL018 SEL020
STE001 ASH001
TRO003 TRO029
TRO033 (95mm) TRO037
TRO039 TRO041
TRO042 TRO043
TRO044 TRO045
TRO049 TRO050
TRO055 TRO056
TRO057 (90mm) TRO058 (90mm)
TRO062 (100mm) TRO085
TBA001 TRL001
TRL002 TRL003 (100mm)
MAT007 (93mm) MAT008 (95mm)
MAT010 MAT011
VOL014 VOL015
VOL016 VOL017
VOL018 VOL019
VOL024 VOL029
VOL030 VOL039
VOL042 VOL043
VOL046 VOL048
VOL049 (108mm) VOL051
VOL053 VOL063
COS002 ALA001
ALA002 LGM002
LGM003 LGM004
LGM005 ALT001
ALT002 ALT003
ALT004 ALT005
ALT006 ANI001
ARG001 ARR001
ARR002 ASC001
ASC002 BAL002
BAO001 BCO001
BCO002 BCO003
BCO004 BCO005
BCO007 BCO009
BCO010 BCO011
BAR001 MRN001
MRN002 BRR004
BBP001 BBP002
BBP003 BBP004
BBP006 BBP011
BBP012 BBP013
BEE001 BEE003
BEE004 BID002
BID003 BID004 (93mm)
BIE001 B&B001
B&B002 B&B003
B&B004 B&B005
B&B006 B&B007
B&B008 B&B009
B08002 B08003
BIZ001 BKL001
esp1740 esp1761
esp2201 BLK009
BOG009 BOG011
BGU002 B&R001
B&R002 BWK001
BUS001 esp1801
esp1819 CAT002
CAB006 CLL001
CCM007 CCM008
CCM009 CCM010
CCM011 CVK001
CAX001 CAX002
CAX003 CAX004
CAX006 CUX002
DAW001 DAW002
DAW003 DOM001
DOM002 DKW001
MDO004 DKB001
EDG001 EDG002
EDG003 EDG004
EDG005 EDG006
EDG007 EDG008
EDG009 EDG010
EDG012 EDG013
EBS002 ESC001
ESP001 ESP002
ESP003 (cardboard) ESP004 (cardboard)
ESP006 EDF001
EPN001 EXC001
FAM001 FAM004
FAM006 FLK001 (93mm)
esp1806 DFB001
DFB002 DFB003
FLY001 FOR002
FOR002 FRK001 (93cm)
FDF001 FDF002
GAR001 GAR002
GAR003 (90mm) GAR004
GAR006 (93mm blue) GAR007
GAR009 GAR010
GAR012 GAR013
GAR014 GAR015
GAR025 GAR026
GAR028 GLO001
GLO002 GLO003
GLO004 GSS006
GUP001 GUN001
GUN002 GUN006
GUN007 GUN009
GUN011 GUN012
esp1798 HPI002
ILD001 KAD003
KAD005 KET004
KRA001 KRA002
KUS001 KUS002
BIS001 LCM001
LCV001 LCV009
LCV010 LCV011
LCV012 LCA001
LCA002 LCA003
LCI001 LCI002
LFE002 LFE003
LGR001 LEN003
esp1865 esp1999
MDT013 LOS001
LPE002 (107mm) PIR003
PIR005 LQB001
STG002 STG003
STG004 STG005
STG006 STG007
STG008 STG010
STG011 (107mm) STG012 (102mm)
TEX002 (107mm) esp2012
LVI006 LAJ001
LUG001 esp1936
LIM001 LIM002
LRB001 VIL001
MAB001 MAB002 (93mm)
esp1992 (107mm) MST001
MST002 MLG003 (107mm black)
MLS001 (93mm black) MLS004 (107mm blue)
MAN001 MAN002
MBC002 MNA001
CMI002 MUD001
AMU001 MUS001
NAP001 NAP002
NAP003 NAP004
NAP005 NAP006
NAP008 NAP009
NAP010 NAP011
NAP012 esp1695
esp1804 esp1916
NOM001 NOM002
NOM003 NOM004
NOM005 NOM007
NOM008 NOM009
NOM010 NOM011
ONA002 OIP001
ORD001 PEN004
PEN005 PNT001
POP001 POP002
POP004 esp1824
esp1825 esp1826
esp1827 esp1828
PDT001 QUA001
QUA002 esp1843
esp2006 REB001
REB002 REN002
REF001 RAZ001
ROS005 ROS006
RU6001 SAG006
SAG010 SAG017
esp1858 SFR001
SFR003 SJO002
esp2013 SMB001
SMB002 SMB005
esp1749 SIE001
TAC001 esp1900
TES001 TBB001
esp2142 esp2667
esp2668 esp2669
TYR001 (cartulina) TYR002 (cartón)
VEĎ001 VEI002
YKK001 ZRZ001
esp1871 ZET001
AFF005 AMS001
AMS009 AMS010
AMS013 AMS018
AMS022 AMS023
AMS024 AMS032
AMS033 AMS034
AMS038 AMS041 (90mm)
AMS042 AMS068
AMS073 BAS001
BAS002 BAS006
BAS007 BAV006
BWD001 BWD002
BWD003 BRT001
BUC001 BUC009
BUD001 BUD002
BUD003 BUD004
BUD012 (Aprecia la diferencia ....) BUD014
BUD015 BUD016 (106mm)
BUD017 (90mm) BUD024
BUD026 BUD028
BUD031 (Logo 99mm) BUD037
BUD038 (logo 112mm) BUD043
BUD046 BUX001
CAF001 CAR004
CAR005 CAR010
CAR013 CAR041
CAR046 CAR047
CAR054 CO1001
CBC001 US152
COR005 (98mm) COR009
COR010 COR011
COR017 DDK001
DUP001 FLA001
FOS002 FOU001
FOU002 FOU005
FOU007 FOU010
GRI009 GRI011
GUI001 (93mm) GUI002 (95mm)
GUI003 GUI004
GUI005 GUI006
GUI010 GUI013
GUI017 GUI018
GUI022 GUI026
GUI027 GUI030
GUI036 GUI038
GUI045 GUI050
GUI051 GUI054
GUI062 GUI063
GUI065 (103mm) GUI069
HEI033 HEI048
HEI054 HEI055
HEI057 HEI059
HEI060 HEI061
HEI062 HEI077
HEI083 HEI084
HEI085 HEI087
HEI088 HEI089
HEI090 HEI091
HEI094 HEI095
HEI096 HEI097
HEI098 HEI100
HEI105 HEI106
HEI111 HEI119
HEI122 HEI135
HEI137 HEI139
HEI148 HEI164
HEI167 (cartón) HEI169
HEI170 HEI171
HEI172 HEI173
HEI176 (93mm) HEI177
HEI178 HEI189 (90mm)
HEA001 HOE003
ISL001 JUD002
KOL001 KRM004
KRO028 K&G005
K&G006 LAC002
LEF001 LVG001
LOP001 MKK001
MKK002 MKK003
MIB001 MOO001
MUR012 MUR013
MUR014 NEM002
NEM003 NEM004
PAU007 PER002
PIL001 PIL003
PIL008 PIL009
PIL010 PIL011
PIL012 PIL016
SRN001 SKO003
SOL001 SOL003
SOL004 STA001
STO001 TDE002
TEN001 TEN002
TET002 WAR001
WAR003 WAR004
WAR007 WAR008
WAR009 WAR010
WAR014 WAR016
WAR021 WAR022
WAR023 WAR024
WAR025 WAR026
WAR027 WAR028
WAR029 WAR030
WAR032 WAR033
WAR035 WAR036
WAR038 WAR039
EG1005 (.) EG1031
EG1036 (93mm Xacobeo 21-22) ALH005
ALH009 ALH045
ALH051 ALH057
ALH070 ALH071
ALH072 ALH073
ALH077 ALH083
AL1002 AMB009
AMB010 AMB011
AMB012 AMB013
AMB015 AMB016
AMB017 AMB071
AMB071 AMS015
AMS067 AM1003
AM1004 BLN005
BOD021 (Cristal) BRA004
BRA008 (107mm) BRA009
BRA010 (93mm) CAR016
CAR017 CAR023
CAR028 CAR036
C03005 COO001
COO003 COO004
COO006 CRU054
CRU055 CRU056
CRU057 CRU058
CRU059 CRU107 (cristal)
CGR006 CGR011
SHA010 SHA011
SHA012 SHA013
DAM075 DAM076
DAM077 DAM078
DAM116 DEB002
DEB007 DES002
DOE019 EDE001
EDE003 EDE005
EDE007 MEC009
MEC010 MEC011
MEC012 MEC013
MEC014 MEC015
MEC016 ESD004
ESD006 ESD016
ESD017 ESD019
ESD020 ESD021
ESD034 (93mm) ESD043
ESD112 ESD211
ESG074 GAR024
GRO002 MSM003
MSM006 MSM007
MSM011 GUI015
GUI029 GUI031
GUI052 GUI057
HEI006 HEI007
HEI024 HEI025
HEI031 HEI044
HEI050 HEI099
HEI138 HEI197
KRO005 KRO006
KRO010 LAI014
LEF002 LEG004
MAH028 MAH033
MAH056 MH5011
MH5054 MH5057
MH5065 MH5081 (Blanco relieve)
MH5091 (Rojo pintado) MH5092 (Rojo pintado)
MH5093 (Rojo pintado) MH5094
MH5095 MH5097
MH5098 MH5130
MH5131 MH5163
MH5168 MH5176
MH5193 MH5194
MBA001 MSE001
MUR002 MUR010
PER001 SAM067
SAM068 SAM072
SAM073 SAM079
SAM084 SAM135
SAM149 SAM247
SAM282 SAM298
SAM308 SAM310
SAM315 SAM320
SAM339 SAM341 (103mm)
SAM357 SAM362
SAM363 SAM363
SAM365 SAM366
SAM367 SAM389
SAM390 SMM003
STA002 STA004
SVY001 TRO009
TRO019 TRO028 (100mm)
TRO031 (95mm) TRO054
TRO070 TRO073
TRO074 TRO075
TRO076 TRO077
TRO078 TUR003
VIC006 (107mm) WIW001
SMY001 YKK002
ZAR002 ZAR004 (metalic)
ZAR005 (metalic) ZAR006 (metalic)
ZAR007 3EL001
CDO001 LGM001
AME001 ABZ001
AOR001 ARR004
ARR006 ARR009
ASB001 ATL001
BRR001 BRR002
BRR003 BBP010
BBF001 BBF002
BBF004 BRE001
esp1901 BII001
BRB001 BRB002
B&B011 BLK007
BCA001 B&R005
esp1772 CLV001
CAN001 CAN002
CAP001 CAP002
CAP003 CRD001
CAS001 esp2042
CAB001 CAB002
CAB004 CAX00 (cartulina/cardboard)
CAX005 CAX009
esp1709 COD001
CON001 CTP002
GDC001 DED001
DOM004 DKW002
DKW003 MDO003
C8S001 esp1787
esp1917 NGL002
NGL003 ENG002
ENG003 FAM007
esp1990 (100mm) FDP006
FDP008 FDP009
GAL001 GAR016 (90mm)
PNG001 esp1862
GSS001 GUN004
GUN010 HPT001
HPI001 IBO001
IRR001 KLT001
BLG001 LFE001
esp1724 LMI004
LMU001 LRU001
STG001 TEX001 (103mm)
LTR001 LVI002
LVI005 LVI008
MDZ001 MAI001
MSŃ001 ZBC002
ZBC004 MAZ001
AMT001 MES001
MRR001 NLA001
CNA002 NAU001
OCO001 OCA002
PAR001 PEN001
esp2039 REN001
RBA003 ROS008
ROS009 ROS010
esp2090 SAG001
SDA001 SMR001
SFR007 SFR008
SCF001 esp1770
SBC001 SBC002
TTI001 TOO001
esp1795 VUL001
VUL002 YRI001
YRI002 ZET004
AKD005 ABC001
BOD002 CAR002
CRU020 SHA001
DAM001 DAM066
DAM079 DAB001
DOB005 DOB008
AGU010 ESD009
EDO003 EDO010
EDO011 EDO013
EDO014 ESL029
GRI010 GUL001
HEI001 HEI002
HEI003 HEI004
HEI010 (El verde es el color de la esperanza ...) HEI011 (el ser humano tiene una relacion ...)
HEI013 (aunque heineken sea la cerveza ...) HEI016
HEI017 HEI018
HEI020 HEI042
HEI043 HEI064
HEN006 KRO022
MAH002 MAH003
MAH004 MAH005
MAH006 MAH007
MAH013 MAH017
MAS001 MAS010
MOR003 PRI001
SAM003 SAM009
SAM011 SAM016
SAM020 SAM022
SAM050 SAM098
SAM132 SAE001
SAE002 SAE003
SEL002 SEL003
SKO006 SKO007
TRO001 TRO008
TRO024 TRO026
TRB003 TRS002
TUB001 VOL001
VOL002 VOL006
VOL008 VOL013
ZAR001 ILD002
LPL002 LRZ001